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ေဆးဘက္ဆိုင္ရာ ေရြးခ်ယ္ခြင့္



Emergency & Referral

BDMS Alarm Center
Bangkok Trauma Center

Bangkok Referral Center
Bangkok Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center


Bangkok Neuroscience Center
Bangkok Longevity Center
Bangkok Neurological Surgery Center
Bangkok Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Center

Headache Clinic
Epilepsy Clinic
Parkinson's Clinic
Memory Clinic Stroke Clinic


Spine Academy
Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine
Orthopedic Center
Fracture Center

Hip & Knee Center
Rehabilitation Center
Arthritis & Rheumatic Clinic


Dental Center



GI & Liver Center



Allergy Asthma Center

Chest & Respiratory Center

Eye Ent

Bangkok Eye Center
Bangkok LASIK Center

Hearing Speech Balance & Tinnitus Center
Ear Nose Throat Center

Good Health

Bangkok Royal Life Anti-Aging Center
Bangkok Skin and Aesthetics Center
Bangkok Diabetes, Thyroid, and Endocrine Center
Bangkok Health Promotion Center
Bangkok Hemodialysis Center
Bangkok Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction
International Medical Services
Japanese Medical Services
Arabic Medical Services

Bangkok Civil Aeromedical Center
Internal Medicine Clinic
Infectious Clinic
Hypertension Clinic
Night Clinic
Fresh Breath Clinic
Male Wellness Clinic
Travel Medicine Clinic
Special Clinic

Mother & Child

Women's Health Center
Bangkok Child Health Center
Bangkok Fertility Center

Child Development Neuropsychiatric Clinic
Thalassemia and Pediatric Hematology Clinic
Vaccine Clinic


Surgery Center
Bariatric Surgery Center
Urology Center

Plastic Surgery & Reconstruction Center
Wound Care Clinic

Geriatric & Rehab

Longevity Center
Rehabilitation Center

Arthritis & Rheumatic Clinic
Stroke Clinic



Piyavate Hospital

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Fertility Center
Medical Check-Up Center
Advanced Dental Institute
Eye & Lasik Center
Rehabilitation Center
Perfect Heart Fitness
Pediatric Center

Internal Medicine
Ear Nose Throat
Urology Center
Surgery Center
Diabetic Foot
Hemodialysis Center
Perfect Heart Institute
Bone & Joint Institute

Praram 9 Hospital

Cardiovascular Institute
Kidney Transplant Institute
Mind Center
Breast Center
Hair Center
Obstetric Gynecology Center
Orthopedic Center
Medical Center
Surgery Center
Pediatrics Center
Allergy and Asthma Clinic

Eye Ear Nose Throat Center
Dental Center
Check-Up Center
Skin & Cosmetic Center
Rehabilitation Center
Imaging Center (X-Ray)
Emergency Center
Gastroenterology (GI) and Hephotobiliary (Liver)
Neurology Center
Diabetes Metabolic Center
Cancer Center

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